DevsBot is an IoT device management platform that allows users to manage their connected devices, monitor device data, and automate device management tasks.

DevsBot allows users to update device firmware over the air (OTA) without needing to use cables. Automatic versioning is set up, allowing users to update or rollback firmware at any time.

Fleet Provisioning is a feature that enables the deployment of mass devices with 2-factor authentication and encryption to ensure only authorized devices connect to the app. DevsBot uses this feature to simplify and streamline the device deployment process.

DevsBot offers three ways to connect devices to the internet, one of which is Web Zones. Users can manage and update the SSID and password through DevsBot, simplifying the process of connecting devices to the internet.

DevsBot prioritizes security and ensures that all data coming in and out of devices is fully encrypted. When in production mode, devices are gated with two layers of security, the MAC ID and an authentication token. DevsBot is constantly monitored by a dedicated security team to ensure everything runs smoothly.